How can a body massage help you in getting rid of your back pain?

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May 11, 2014

How can a body massage help you in getting rid of your back pain?

Are you experiencing a stiff back which hurts? Does, it hurt you when you bent to lace your shoe or do any other activity in which you have to bend forward? If it’s so then it’s time to make some minor changes in your daily routine and include a monthly massage in it as they are really effective in providing relief in backaches. Back pain is a really common condition which is experienced by both young and middle-aged Indians. If you ignore it and leave it untreated then it can go even worse and can even wake you up from your sleep because the pain will then get quite severe. Good eating habits, regular exercising and following a healthy lifestyle can provide relief to your back pain to some extent. But the most effective and relaxing way of reliving a back pain is to have a therapeutic massage by using ayurvedic oils which is done by a skilled and professional massage therapist. But firstly it is always advisable to be aware of the causes of your back pain or stiff back.

Causes of a Back Pain:

· A bad sitting posture which strains the muscles of your lower back.

· Wear and tear of any of the discs of the spine because of a herniated disc or slipped disc

· If you are overweight then the weight around your abdomen stresses and strains your back muscles.

· Tight Hamstrings stresses your lower back

· Osteoarthritis causes friction of the facet joints of the back with age which causes severe pain

Famous treatments for back pain:

· Take complete and total bed rest.

· Application of ice packs

· Stretching Exercises

· Oral medications like muscular relaxants or anti-inflammatory drugs. But these only provide temporary relief.

· Therapeutic Massages

Massages Help in Relieving Back Pain in the following ways:

Therapeutic Massages work the best in relieving many types of back conditions like stiff back, back pain, muscular tension, aches, and inflammation. Some of the benefits of back massages are as under:

· Muscle spasms which occur because of the lost mobility of the rib joints are very much reduced by getting regular massages. Tension in the tissues gets released which ultimately increases the mobility of the pelvic area.

· Massages improve the blood flow in the lower back which reduces soreness of the lower back muscles.

· One of the biggest benefits of therapeutic back massages is the production of feel-good chemicals which are called endorphins.

Get proven as well as customized massage therapies at a professional and reputed wellness center for your pain management. You can go for spot therapies, instant relief therapy, Ayurveda therapies and so on. So whenever you are suffering from a back pain next time consider going for a professional therapeutic massage by a skilled and trained massage

therapist for the best and instant relief without any side effects and if you are already suffering from a back pain then what are you waiting for? Book a massage appointment to the best spa center near you today. May you have a happy and relaxing experience 🙂

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