How to get relaxed after a long, hard and tiring week at work?

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May 10, 2014
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How to get relaxed after a long, hard and tiring week at work?

We all experience those times at work when we have a lot of workload, stress and sleepless nights. This makes our skin to act out. You start to notice pimples, your skin becomes dull and dry and your glow on the face completely gets lost. When this is happening and you are really feeling tired and bored with your daily work routine, and monotonous daily chores then it’s time to take off from all this and take care of yourselves. Here we have shared a few tips which you can follow for relaxing yourselves:

· Avoid Caffeine: Have more of fresh juices, green tea, and water instead of tea and coffee as they contain caffeine. This will flush out all the toxins from the body and hydrate your skin to give you a healthy glow.

· Apply Herbal Face Packs: Try out all the “Dadi Ma’s Nuskhas” and face pack recipes and apply them on your face while relaxing for 20 mins. You can make face packs using the ingredients like turmeric, gram flour, Haldi which is turmeric, Multani Mitti, etc. Multani Mitti has a really cooling effect on your face; you can also apply cucumber slices for relaxing your eyes. If you feel lazy to make face packs then you can also order them online. Make sure to apply face packs according to your skin types and skin problems.

· Go for a Massage: Massages works the best when you are stressed out to relax your nerves. They will make you feel good in general by untangling the knots in your body. There are two ways either you can ask someone to give you a massage at home or you can get it done by professionals outside.

· Get Pedicures and Manicures Done: Pedicures and manicures are really very good for relaxing your feet and hands as well as relaxing your mind. A good manicure and pedicure are worth the amount spent on them. You can get it done outside or can also do it at home yourself.

· Book yourself a Spa: You can avail a lot of benefits from a good spa which is done by a good therapist. Since the mind and body are connected hence a spa works wonders in relaxing both of them. It makes your body tingle and at the same time gives your mind a break. Hence getting a spa is the best solution for your entire week’s tiredness.

You can follow these for relaxing your mind and bodies completely after a long tiring and stressful week. Pampering yourselves once in a while is really very important to make you keep moving and living your lives to your full potentials and thus increasing your overall productivity both at work as well as at home. So we wish that you stay fit, happy and relaxed and energized at all times. Enjoy your next spa appointment :

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