Latest trends in spa treatments that you shouldn’t miss in 2019

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May 11, 2014
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Latest trends in spa treatments that you shouldn’t miss in 2019

With the growth of the wellness industries in recent years, they have now started giving more importance to overall transformative wellbeing in comparison to beauty. Now you will observe spa trends that will bring you close to nature. As this is the demand from people end who spend most of their time in the polluted cities and between high rise buildings so when they look for some time of relaxation then they prefer a place which is close to nature and greenery. People’s choices for their spa centers now depend on its proximity to the forests and also the type of natural treatments they will get. This trend will keep on evolving this year as people these days crave for nature as a source of their wellbeing both in the treatments they want and also the surroundings they live in.

Spa trends that are seen these days are:

Spacations: In a spacation you can go for a long vacation to a spa hotel and enjoy daily treatments away from all the daily stresses and chaos. If you plan to stay for more than a few days then you will get a lot of best deals as well as holiday packages. During your spacation you can enjoy authentic experiences for dinning, packages for exercises that can promote your health, and some active leisures like walking yoga, etc. You can select your packages according to your choice which includes massages, saunas, baths, and other exciting activities.

Providing permanent fixes by Nutritional advice: Earlier at the spa center, people only used to get temporary solutions but with the growth of the wellness industry and people spending more time and money, they expect to have permanent fixes. So for eating healthy, losing excess weight and living a more energized life spa centers have started giving nutritional advice to their customers.

Heat and Mud have gained popularity again: Since people nowadays are re-discovering their health benefits hence hammam beds, mud therapy, saunas, etc to relax and rehabilitate is gaining popularity again. These procedures have been turned into luxurious and unique experiences by the innovative spa centers as they use essential oils, handmade and top quality cosmetics, some locally grown herbs, etc. You will experience improved blood circulation, intense detoxification, and clearer skin after undergoing these treatments.

Body Detox: Nowadays eating small portions and starving yourself in order to have a healthy and fit body is no more in trend. People these days have moved beyond that and they prefer going for detox vacations by drinking healthy, fruit juices and nutritious food. This detoxifies their bodies along with providing them the required nutrition which their bodies need.

Precious Metals and Stones Treatments: Metals and stones will be used increasingly because of their healing properties. The healing properties of silver, gold, pearls, and amber have been rediscovered.

Your skin tone and wellbeing can be improved by taking a silver ion bath. Amber helps in relieving the nervous system and stress. Gold can treat various skin conditions because of its antibacterial properties and also help in keeping the skin radiant. Massages with gold powder and essential oils are provided these days at spa centers.

Retreats to quit smoking: Quitting smoking if you are habitual to it is not an easy task because of your work environment and daily stresses. No smoking facilities at spa centers will help you

in avoiding the triggers to smoking so that they don’t get the best of you. So you can book yourself a no-smoking facility at spa centers.

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